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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Apples of my eyes

One of the treats that fall brings are Apples and we love apple butter.
On the way home from Orkney Springs I saw a sign that said "Apples for Sale" of course my husband just loved the idea of turning around on a very winding road to head back to get them.  we stopped and bought apples from  Paughs orchard. 
We bought Apple cider also,  soooo good,  I make my butter with that too.

Apples cost  $18.00  a bushel.    A bushel makes a lot of sauce,  plus  I made a couple of pies to freeze to have at Thanksgiving.  I will just pop them in the oven.

to make my butter I cook the apples,  put them in blender to puree.
my spices are clove, little sugar,  cinnamon, mace , and butter.  I used the apple cider I purchased in the making of the apple butter also. 
I processed mine for 15 minutes in a hot water bath.
My husband has already opened a jar,  he likes it served with pork or beef,  but he likes just about anything served with pork or beef.

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Picture above and below taken at Orchard
Pumpkins and gourds decorate the little bridge area

beautiful farm land

these extra large photos are cut off in view,   if you click on them you can see the whole picture

Blue Ridge


  1. those mountains are so beautiful... sssshhhh, I buy my apple pie, and butter and jelly from the grocery store cause I don't think those have recipes for dummies... giggle giggle... No talent here.
    You are such a great homemaker.
    Thank you for your sweet comment.

  2. Love this post wow the beauty its breath taking. I love the talent you have to make the yummy apple treats.

    Have a great week


  3. Wonderful place ! Greetings from Poland.

  4. The photographs are just beautiful. It looks so peaceful there. I love going to orchard too, but haven't made apple butter yet. I did make pear butter and it's delicious on a mini toast with some brie cheese and a dollop on top...just delicious!


  5. Thanks to everyone for nice comments, I do enjoy reading them.

  6. Hello Betsy, it´s so nice meeting you and your so beautiful blog, and thank you very much for your kind comment y my blog.
    Muchos cariños
    María Cecilia, from Chile

  7. How beautiful Betsy!

    Thank you very much for your kind visit to my blog. Please come back anytime. You are always welcome!

    Many Blessings, ~Melissa :)


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