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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Butterfly kisses

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I will miss seeing butterfly, I come out to photograph and he flies at me and then back to the flower. He knows I am not gonna interrupt him. Beautiful!

Still a few buds left to bloom and will sure miss the beauty, I am working on more garden beds and trying to get rid of the moles who want to take them out. I think I will put some gravel in and around the area I plant, it seemed to work at our previous home. We have been at this house 2 years and its time to get things underway.


  1. your blog is very high tech. a slideshow, very nice. by the way, i took the what kind of flower test. i'm a sunflower, one of my favorite flowers. i had a wonderful time with you and steve tonight.

  2. Robin,
    glad you enjoyed it and we had a great time at church and dinner.

  3. I like the bistro set with chimney in background. Steve

  4. Absolutely beautiful pictures. I haven't been to WV since I was 17. I loved it then! I always planned to go back but haven't had the chance. Thanks so much for remind me of how beautiful WV is!


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