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Friday, July 10, 2009

Kentucky Wonders

I am not talking about green beans either, I am talking about my daughter and grandson , Annette and Seth. I am so glad they decided to take an 11 hour trip from their home in Fort Campbell and visit us. No sooner did they get here that we were riding again visiting and seeing some history here in Va.
White house of Confederacy is one, Jefferson and Varina Davis's home. Beautiful interior with 50 percent of furnishings original. I wanted them to see this now as it will be closed (not sure when) in the future with furnishings sent to different museums for viewing. 
 Wish John could be here and hope he will be home soon.  

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Hitching Post. Annette explaining to Seth that this is where the horses of the day were tied.

Front entrance to home on Clay street. Original gas lamps in front of home.

Window looking over gardens from porch.

Rear view of home, facing gardens.

Old iron posts that were replaced sitting in basement area.

Faint image of carpet taken from porch, you can see the colorful carpet and pretty summer curtains.

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    Thanks for leaving a comment. I'm sure you are enjoying the visit with your daughter and grandson. The pictures are great!


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