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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Day of Wine (jelly) and Roses

My husband brought me beautiful roses a couple days ago, he thought they would cheer me up , since the rain storm we had practically demolished my garden, he is such a sweet guy and I am so lucky.

The down pour left a lot of sand. This area is sandy anyway and that is why the tomatoes do so well. I will get to work and try to save these squash plants.
Looks pretty pitiful, but there are worse things, like having no rain at all. By the way, here is a link about the Ashland Farmers market .. Looks like I will be shopping for produce there if this keeps up. Great place for home grown vegetables and a variety of other products.

I decided to make some wine jelly today . Tastes great over cream cheese on toasted bagel. So easy to make and a lot less expensive than buying in the stores.


A couple craft projects of mine......

A rose window made for a friend that hangs in bathroom window for privacy.

Two pillows for our bed, I latch hooked these with left over yarn, I just did a random mosaic pattern with the colors of yarn I had left over from other projects.

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  1. Hello Betsy! Your husband is very sweet! You're lucky! Your wine jelly looks delicious and your glass is faboulous! Nice cushions you made!
    Thanks for your visit and good work with rosemary!
    Warm greetings


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