Blog Photo ..Pohlig Brothers box factory where my Grandmother worked ages ago. Today the building has been turned into apartments. Richmond Va.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Country home

About two years ago while Steve and I were riding to west Virginia,  I saw this home from the road off in the very far distance.  I used photo shop to bring it closer and touched up a bit.  It reminded me of my earlier trip to  Europe in some ways  - the design and countryside. It's a little blurry because we were moving.
I am sharing with Tuesdays Muse- Rural Journal


  1. Such beautiful scenery and beautiful colors in your capture here. Lovely.

  2. This is a beautiful picture. You should have this blown up or painted. It would be beautiful in the house

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Love the pic. You need to have it blown up or painted. And hang it in the house


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