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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Side trip to Snow Creek Farm

Located in Woodford Va.  is a wonderful farm house full of any and everything.   Antiques , vintage, repurposed.    This was their spring market and there are two others in September and November.
We found the sign with  a bicycle near the fence ,  next door was a house that I had to get a picture of .  I like the columns  at the  sidewalk. 

Steve loved the cheerful flowers to greet in front, so he bought two of those and a butterfly to go with them
I hung a big flower on my back door to porch

goodies on front porch
I like the garland of seashells and driftwood
these bugs caught my eye, and I see their bodies are made of bottles,
how do people come up with this stuff? 
I'm gonna make one

Haven't seen her in a long time

Lots of whimsical garden art
that long strand of beads,   gonna make a chunky necklace,  I saw a lady wearing one recently made from large beads and I liked it.

I have this now holding a pot of lemon thyme

Look forward to the fall and Christmas time


  1. Looks like fun! Your cheerful flowers are just that-very cute! I love the mosaic watering can and that mosaic pot with the cherub heads on it! thanks for sharing and have a great week!

  2. Betsy,

    If we were closer I'd meet you at Snow Creek Farm and we could get lost treasure hunting! I adore the use of vintage bikes with baskets as 'garden jewelry.'

    Your Friend,


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