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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ashland Gardens (pt 2)

Along the railroad tracks in Ashland sits this home,  two story frame farmhouse style.   Nicknamed at one time the dollhouse, used to be a one bedroom home.   Not anymore,  completely rebuilt and expanded in 2009.    Casually styled and inviting feel as we entered the home.
   Built by owner are 3 handmade tables, including the dining room  table using heart pine lumber  salvadged from an Ashland home renovation built in 1850.
There was a light fixture made by a local artist that I would love to have hanging in my house.  Looked like circles of clear glass incased in metal and then soldiered together in a half globe fashion and was hanging to a ceiling light with looked to be wire,  I will have to try this myself ,  really a neat piece.

The entire right side of front porch was added

looking at the clean flower beds makes me want to get home and tend to mine

you can see the railroad tracks running down the middle of the street

rear of home sits a nice shed
 steve checking out the garden shed with the seating area

Flagstone patio - coffee and breakfast here would be nice every morning
raised bed with some very healthy plants
aluminum cake pans hanging to scare away pests

Hydrangeas and gardenias
the owners consider the outside areas a work in progress

Had to get a picture of the gate , wood and iron
now off to the next house

Popular Queen Ann Style built around 1887 - surrounded by nearly five acres of land.
Purchased in 1898 by the grandfather of the present owner.  The exterior of the home remains close to its original configuration.  The interior has gone through some minor remodeling over the last half century.
Some French furniture and Art from Africa - In the dining room are nineteenth century and contemporary portraits.    The grounds - a reflection of late 19th century, horses were kept in the back pasture.
I like how the entrance is on the corner of house
close up of rear porch,  notice the flower arrangement -  Ashland Garden Club
A croquet set sets the mood for the period of the home - swing in the tree,  It feels  like family and friends will be gathering soon for a picnic on the lawn.
we walked to the pasture and the showers were on their way, you can see from the way the clouds look

Steve and I sit here for a spell because of the brief rain shower,  was nice.   Areas along the walk to the different gardens had seating for people to sit a spell if we got tired.  Very thoughtful.

 Hurricane Katrina (was told by a visitor) took the large tree out, so the owners put a playhouse on it for the grandchildren,   even has flower boxes,  so cute

The owners office in this bldg.   Music was playing and looked like he may be back anytime to take care of business

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Happy Tuesday


Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Betsy: So much fun to be able to see the houses. I live for home tours..Happy Tuesday..Judy

matron said...

Thank you for the tour of these beautiful houses.
I loved seeing the houses in Lewes,while I was in America,so different to the buildings here in Ireland.

I liked the house with the entrance on the corner,unusual and very pretty.

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Thanks for sharing that. Those houses are so nice. I really like Queen Ann houses. The playhouse is totally adorable! Have a great week!