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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sunday evening post

I started my weeding today after a trip to the grocery store.  I can't seem to stay out of the store.

Anyhow lots of weeds to be pulled and lots of breaks in between.  Knees and back are not what they used to be.
This is ready now to put down bags of dirt and mulch in the front of the house.
The ground slants and I would love to have it brought up and a low wall of brick to hold the dirt back.
these two bags and two more taken in back.  I got about 6 more bags to pull..
Dogwood in front trying to beat the cold and bloom nicely.
this was taken from office window later this evening

These were earlier of the ready to burst into bloom azaleas.

The white ones are just as full of buds.

These dogs were trimmed and not as pretty this year but still colorful.

One of my most favorite of colors as far as the azaleas go.

This was taken Friday of Genevieve checking out the primrose I have in a pot.
She was looking for blooms and found one.

She and Opa were having breakfast outside on Friday too.

I am ripping out the slate and putting in the square cement stepping stones.  I want the slate to use for front sidewalk.

I will see if I can move in the morning to do some more weeding and laying of topsoil and mulch.

Sunday plantings

While I was out planting some plants in the yard, I started thinking about the wicked plants, so here is a re post.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Wednesday blooms

So far it looks like maybe the azaleas were not hurt by the strange weather here.
Out weeding yesterday Wednesday 18th and things looking o.k.   Would love to get seeds in the ground soon.
Buds and more buds.

You can see a few white lilac blooms.

This solar light that my niece and nephew gave Steve for Christmas shines a bright light in the evening.

The buds on the dogwood are going to be beautiful in just a day or two.

a box that I need to put something in the pot to  help it stay straight.

dew drops just about gone.  They bloomed in the snow.

will see what tomorrow brings.

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Monday, April 16, 2018

old barns in highland county Virginia

Sharing with Image-in-ing this week some old barns in Highland county Virginia

We were staying in Bath County and some beauties on our way to Monterey Va..

Here is a new covered bridge built at entrance to homes in the Highlands

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Beautiful Saturday

Decided to get out and plant some seeds and see if they will grow now.  It seems it may have finally sprung,  Spring that is.
New dirt for the pots and seeds.
This spinach I put in the pot about a month ago has seen snow and cold rain.  Still thriving.
forgot to get those little weeds in there.

I am afraid if I do not plant this lavender cutting soon, it may die from being to large for this pot.

These two roses were dying and were priced at $.50 at Kroger last year.   I took a chance on them living off and on the porch they went during the year and then covered in snow.   Well now it looks like they did make it.   I think if you plant and leave them alone, they do o.k.

I will pick some of these to press and then frame

I didn't move this lilac and now it's to late for this season.  I don't believe the root system is that large but I will definitely cut back and move this fall.  The blooms  leave a scent in the air even though they have not opened all the way.

I thinned these a lot last year and so glad I did

Will be cleaning the beds today of these near the driveway

One lone tulip the moles didn't get

Snowman peeking through the shed window.  No more snow for him - it's totally Spring now.

I heard that we are supposed to have thunderstorms rolling through tomorrow - Sunday.   I guess the lightning will wake the snakes now.  Mom always said the snakes come out of the ground at the first lightning or was it thunder?   Oh well, I guess I will find out. 

Mountain visit (3)

Visit to Clifton Forge.
A town in Allegheny county Va..
Straight ahead is the town hall 

Old cemetery on side of the hill

Fine old homes in the town.   Many in need of some TLC.

there was a sign on one street that stated a Revitalization Project going on in the town.  Good to see that.

We were hoping for nicer weather since it is Spring to be able to get out and check out some of the little shops but maybe next trip.

Would have been even nice to be able to get a shot with out the power lines running so heavy across the street.

We are leaving with a view of the town.

Looks like an old four square home that caught my eye.

going back

You can see the green on the tree limbs. Maybe Spring is arriving here.

A short video heading up mountain and arriving in Town of Clifton Forge.
I need to visit the Forge here on the next visit for sure.

Part one
Part two