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I love to especially explore and snoop in places off the beaten path.

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Grands and park

Taken about 2 weeks ago at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens with the girls.

Have to really watch Genevieve,  she would jump in, in a heartbeat.

The rose garden is just about on it's way out.   We didn't get out early enough this year ,  was to hot for us most days.

Genevieve always on the go,  gotta keep moving.
Adalyn watches out for her.

I asked Adalyn to stand near the butterfly to get a picture and she has this look like
"here I am take my picture"

A super sister she is

this was taken at another park ,  Crump Park 

Adalyn being brave standing on top
Sometimes to much so,  gotta really watch'em

Happy lil girls

Friday, June 26, 2015

various flowers and plants

Volunteer petunias that came back this year .  I pulled them up from the beds and planted in this pot on the garden gate.  Highly fragrant.

Large leaf begonia ( I am guessing it is a begonia)  growing along the side of my house

Roses seem a little puny this year.

A metal butterfly Steve purchased.

Been told this is purple basil.   It reseeds itself every year and grows where ever the wind takes the seed.    I need to take it to a nursery and see if some one knows the name of this one.

Purple pets in  a pot with a moon flower vine.

shrubs need a haircut.

Happy Saturday

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

simple arrangement

Not sure if this is a weed.   If it is - it is pretty and softens

Another I am not sure of

paired with this pretty red rose

Makes for a pleasing little arrangement

Sunday, June 7, 2015


Water lily reflections enjoyed while sipping coffee at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts coffee shop.

I am sharing with   week end reflections

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

before the rain

It has been raining off and on since last Friday.  Saturday was nice.  Monday through today so far has been rain .

some calm before the storm

Not sure where I want to plant the knockout roses quite yet ,  so in the pot they go

this lavender plant is so huge

this was about a week and a half ago outside den window

Flowers above I picked from my yard

She wants to pull it off for sure

Instead we painted rocks,  look forward to painting more for the flower bed.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Beach Cottage

Charming little beach cottage named "Coral Cottage" is where  we spent a quiet time before the Memorial day crowd on the beach,  get away.   Colonial Beach Va.
A respite for us.
Tweety greets us at the door

A place to take off our shoes - a good idea that I must bring back to my house.

Nice decorations and useful

Even binoculars to see the ocean

A sweet read on the coffee table - A true story of a lady whose illness has her bedridden and a common woodland snail .
Amazing little creatures.

The room had two different sitting areas.

Comfy here for me

games and croquet set in the basket

The kitchen had all we needed for a dinner and cookout

I like how this bucket had mitts, lighter , candles.  A good idea for to keep in mind for gifts

Around six o'clock here  on Wednesday

The next day we went for breakfast and shopping in the rain,  loved it.

sharing with   Little things Thursday