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Monday, August 14, 2017

Few pictures st Lewis Ginter

Took the girls to Lewis Ginter Botanical gardens.    Didn't get too many pictures as mostly Genevieve played in the splash area to cool off in the childrens area of the garden.
View of fountain in the sunken garden

entrance to gardens

Flowers in front of library

Like these paintings on screen

Would love to have this heavy metal butterfly but little too expensive for me
at this time.  I have one Steve got for us that is similar and I love the way it looks against the shrubbery in the back yard

from the gift shop Adalyn wanted a stuffed snake and she got one

She picked a green one out for genevieve too

Genevieve cooling off under sprinklers in childrens garden.  Adalyn decided to walk with me to the gift shop.


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Happy Sunday

Nice and sunny here and the air is cooler.  I love it.

mallow hibiscus on fence always a cheery sight to see


Saturday, August 12, 2017


I had a good time last night in a class I took at Deep Creek Vintage, a fine old manor house located in Fredericksburg Va..  Full of vintage and handcrafted items.
 Friday after hours class was held in a cottage in back.

   I learned to cast molds with paper clay and relief stenciling to use on various items.

casts set aside for drying

Base coat and then a relief stencil I chose to apply to face of book

This one of mine has been painted with a base coat and now waiting for a top coat to dry.

another stencil I chose and applied with a metallic paint and added castings.


I like taking these classes when they are offered because it's fun getting out with others who have the same interest and discussing new ideas or another way of doing things that wasn't thought of before.  I learned first hand, that it's better to spend a little more on a good product than going the cheaper route with inferior products, money is wasted trying to do it that way and it's just not as nice a finished product.

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Friday, August 11, 2017


Pretty tomatoes from Annette's garden.
fresh sweet basil from the yard was added before the pressure canner

now to work on these

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

front door wreath or decoration

Happy Tuesday and after a much needed rain, the sun is going to shine.
Ready to go out with the girls so they can ride their bikes, I want to show you my front door arrangement.

I purchased a wooden trellis I thought I would use for a summer flower in a pot but that didn't work out this year as every thing seemed to get burnt up from the sun.

It was brown but I sprayed it white to show up on the door.   I added some faux morning glories and Daisies.

After looking at these shots of the trellis - I just got another idea.  Will have to work on that after I finish the post.

As you can see the swan pot is not doing the geraniums much good.  They look pretty bad.

My zinnia that I decided to play around with in Photoshop

Happy Tuesday to ya
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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Happy Sunday with Annette

Had a great breakfast this morning for starters.  My daughter Annette brought us some tomatoes and some fruit picked from her garden.  A nap was in order early because of a large breakfast including some fried orange and red tomatoes.  I don't particularly like them green.
very good flavor we had ones called black krim, mortgage lifter and beef steak.

one on right is black krim before it turns a reddish black - great flavor

beef steak -  spots are from heat and watering and growth spurt, kinda like a stretch mark.   stretches and seals itself.
beef steaks that are grown further up the stem.  The biggest growth is at bottom and then each layer up the stalk - the tomatoes get a little smaller because at the top of the stem it's weakest and doesn't hold a large tomato.  Nature is amazing isn't it?
All beefsteak, grown at different parts of the stem.

fresh cantaloup with scrambled eggs, ham and fried tomatoes of course.
steve loves it when Annette visits with good things to eat.
pears from Annettes tree

the apple from her tree is like a mix of golden delicious and red delicious.  Trees are 50 plus years old.   Annette stopped counting rings on one limb cut at 75 years.
peaches,  the limbs next year must be cut because she has many broken limbs from so many peaches.  These are white peaches.  To me these taste between a juicy pear and peach.
some serious limb cutting here,  this one is broke.

yummm pears

hi tunnel in background with those yummy tomatoes

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well off for our nap and to digest.
Happy Sunday everyone