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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ray of sunshine

Sunshine peeking over the fence.  I call it swamp hibiscus.  Don't know the botanical name.   It is just a pretty and large flower to greet first thing in the morning.

Sadly the beetles like them too.   I have to use some 7 dust to be able to see it bloom.

                               A squash seed I put in this pot and so far a pretty plant with

Potted tomato plant, so far so good

Saturday, July 16, 2016

looking good

Mom (95) and g grandaughter Genevieve who will be 3 in October.

We took her out for a little ride and a frozen strawberry lemonade at Sonic.   So refreshing in this 90 degree heat.
Mom has two great great grandchildren.  Their  parents so far haven't made time for them to see her.   Rare to have a gr gr grandmother.

Friday, July 15, 2016


Miss Hollywood here

On our way out and she loves her sunglasses
Fun at the Science Museum

While having a bite at Wendys near our home.  I look up and just couldn't stop thinking how rare a sight through the window.  No buildings, parking lot etc.
Just nature, how pleasing.
Happy Friday

Saturday, July 9, 2016


Independence day was rainy

 leaving the driveway for my sister's house  and along the driveway are

my gladiolas  

one of my very favorite flowers

The rain drops showing on the flower petals

Arriving at my sister's house

The fountain is moving water down it's two tiers

Onto the front porch

I do like stone houses

Boston baked beans a must

corn roasted in it's natural wrapper - THE BEST way to serve them I think
such good flavor

little blurry but you can still see they are  just waiting for the go ahead to 
dig in

My niece moved back closer to home and so glad she did
She is a great photographer and a very busy lady

Her site  --

Sunday, July 3, 2016

by the numbers

Finished my paint by number that Miranda gave me for Christmas.   Its soothing to me to sit down and do this.   I think of nothing else.  I wish I could paint without the numbers but I guess I just do not have the knack for that.

now off to get a frame for it

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Garden rocks and flowers

Visited my sister in law on   thursday in the country.   We walked the yard to look at  the flower beds.  Water standing as we have had plenty of it these days.
Four poisonous snake bites in her neighborhood, one was in the shrubbery that was being sheared and it bit the persons hand.   Hearing more stories of snake bites and the  snakes seem to be more aggressive this year.
 If I see them, I will try to get rid of them (kill).   Hate to let one get away.

Her pretty wreath on front door

from the front porch you can see the little gnome village under the light.

wished it wasn't so blurry .  Can hear the water fountain running in the village.

On the left side of the front porch is the childrens little porch with chairs and plants.  They have tea out here.

Cute yard sale find of a garden scene
In the center front yard are two chairs and a fat frog.

To the left of the front yard is this garden area made by my nephew keith.
He brought all of the smooth rocks from their woods in the very back.   Look like river rock.

A foot bridge he placed there and then dug the dry creek bed which he lined with rock.  I am sure it took him a while to lay each and every one.

I think it looks so neat

A work in progress

nice area for a respite on a hot day with tea,  beautiful deep blue hydrangeas in background

I think I shall do the same thing here at the house with the brick path at my porch, so I won't have to weed   Wanda has  potted flowers  she puts in the space for color.

Walkway to the little garden cottage made with slate found in yard and more rock.
You can see that drops of rain are starting to come down again on the slate.
Happy Sunday