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I love to especially explore and snoop in places off the beaten path.

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aken from "the yoga quote garden"

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taken from "the yoga quote garden" site.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Caught them playing when we drove up.  Love these whimisical creatures.  SIL Wanda has these lil guys in the arch of the walkway to front steps of home.  

A nice pause on the way in .

Gnome Home

Can't see it to well ,  but there is water running into the bucket of this little fountain

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Fall open house at a store called "Classic Touches" in Amelia county courthouse -  Va..
Lots of sandwiches,  shrimp,  fruit,  cheeses,  crackers ,  dip and many desserts.   A large spread of food for shoppers as they looked through so many nice items in the store.   This pumpkin man in tub in front of store.

Love the outhouse as the guest cottage
A few of the pictures here were taken about 10 days ago before the open house shopping day.

I love these stuffed figures and seemed like everyone I liked had a sold sign on it,  very popular.
I am liking primitive decor now more than I used too

Nice flower arrangement everywhere

I like these wooden snowmen

nice bench made from a headboard of a bed

In the bathroom is this out house used for a nightlite

other ornaments in the bathroom
man cave room with t.v.

We purchased potpouri ,  pumpkins for the table and and some other trinkets.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fort Story

We took a little drive to Fort Story which less than 30 minutes from where we were staying on Va. beach.
The lighthouse - Cape Henry is on Fort Story along with a pretty seashore  
Nicer shells too 
click on video to hear the ocean
old cape Henry lighthouse in distance

map below shows  first landing and fort story - pictures on today's post are from Fort Story

Old cape Henry lighthouse
the next two pictures from a post of mine in 2009 of a close up of the light

sharing with

Monday, September 1, 2014

Beach trip

A much needed break  to the beach for five days.
Virginia Beach was sunny with lots of breeze

looking below to the boardwalk from our balcony

Headed to the beach

above picture taken from the hallway to our room as we were leaving to look at some shops

closer to the southern end is this ferris wheel among some other rides

plenty places to spend money here

stopped into the shop above for a closer look.

I like the birds on the limb lamp in window

neat looking ships wheel made from driftwood

Mosaic turtle mirror

stopped to eat along the sidewalk
my sandwich was smoked turkey,  smoked cheese, red peppers and ham

inside where we purchased our sandwiches,  I spotted this pretty wreath

and this  yummy cocoanut mousse roll

Next morning
up early to catch the sunrise

late in the evening after dinner  we took a walk on the boardwalk,  listening to bands play and late shopping in some of the shops.     On the boardwalk below is Neptune,  wonderfully sculpted statue I had to get a picture of.