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Sunday, July 3, 2016

by the numbers

Finished my paint by number that Miranda gave me for Christmas.   Its soothing to me to sit down and do this.   I think of nothing else.  I wish I could paint without the numbers but I guess I just do not have the knack for that.

now off to get a frame for it


  1. Betsy,
    WOW!! It came out looking so pretty!! Thanks so much for stopping by to visit my new blog!! And thanks for following me!! I added your blog to my Blog Rolls as i am still updating the Rolls on my new blog.
    Have a great 4th!!


  2. Oh, Betsy. That is absolutely gorgeous. The colors are so bright and beautiful. I know a lot of folks love to do the adult coloring books now, but I would much rather do a paint -by-number. Thanks for showing it and would you mind letting me know the company that produced it?..Happy 4th..xxo Judy

  3. Betsy, I love the painting! Paint by numbers takes skill; you've done a wonderful job!

  4. That looks great Betsy! Aren't those fun? Hope you had a great 4th with the cutie girls and family!


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