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Sunday, October 25, 2015

through the window

Looking out

through the screened window,  it is sunny, bright and leaves are putting on a show

Inside I am sick , hoarse, and feeling like crap.
Adalyn had the croup,   Genevieve had tonsilitis and I have a combination of both.
Steve is doing well and I hope he stays that way.


  1. Oh Betsy, sorry to hear you are all under the weather. Sending get well wishes and hugs!

  2. Oh oh, not good. I'm sorry that you feel so bad! I'm shure you feel much more better soon!


  3. Nice pictures, glad to see that Annette, John and Seth are doing well...On the picture of Steve and Seth, I had to look twice because at first I thought Steve had taken up smoking Cigars:)

  4. Alka Seltzer Cold and Flu and cough medicine is the best to take when you feel like you have a cold. Get plenty of rest!

  5. Oh, Betsy. I feel for you. All that stuff going around is not fun, but at least your have some beautiful views to looks at..Stay warm and feel better..Happy Halloween..Judy


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