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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunny Sunday

Finally,  Sunlight is shining through the windows and besides brightening a room it also brightens my mood.   Nice to see it warmer today finally.
I decided to make rolls today because I didn't buy any at the store for the burgers we were having.  Easy recipe and very soft rolls for hamburgers.

Here's a picture of them fresh from the oven
rubbed with butter

I could slather a huge hunk of butter on one at this point and enjoy.
I didn't do that this time.

I mixed green pepper with onion and an egg with lean ground beef.   These great tasting rubs were sent to us at Christmas from Steve's son and wife.   This is my favorite as it has coffee crystal in it.   I always use coffee in my baked beans and it's good in hamburger also.

A pot of navy bean soup with celery , onion, green pepper, hickory smoke salt and pepper.  I made this in 25 minutes in my elite pressure cooker that I use every time I make dinner.   Love this.
I can wash the dried beans,  throw them in the pot with water and spices.   Set it for 25 minutes and it's done.   No soaking the beans for any length of time or over night.
Steve's burger

Mine wrapped in a large lettuce leaf with condiments.   Holds together well and since I am watching what I eat to lose some extra pounds,  the lettuce works just fine.

love olives in my salad

no tomatoes,  just celery , spinach, red onion,  carrots and some olives.  

Toss it up


I used orange juice to my taste or liking along with Balsamic vinegar, chopped garlic, vegetable oil (prefer olive oil but am out at the moment)  couple T.  water and shake really well.   It will taste even better tomorrow.  

Light the candle and enjoy


Mari said...

Reads perfectly delicious for me. Actually, sometimes I just like munching buns rubbed with butter and that's all, no burger, no salad :) But your whole combination is hard to refuse.

Re: seaglass in Russia. I wish I could collect some but unfortunately our beach is in fact a riverbank. Seaglass can be found on the Eastern part of Russia where the Pacific ocean is or in the black sea which is close to Ukraine.

LL Farm said...

Nice pictures Betsy. Your bowl of soup beans are talking to is what I am having for supper tonight.