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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Our anniversary was the 5th of February.   We didn't do much as we both are still having this lingering cold or dust allergy as my doctor put it this time of year,  who knows,  feels like a crummy cold to me.     To brighten things up is this vase of sunshine  from Steve.

this piggy for the yard  -  like him a lot
 Had lunch at Ginter Gardens and saw this butterfly shaped outdoor chair that we both wanted ,   will post a pix of that later


  1. Happy Anniversary Betsy! Your flowers are so pretty. Have a lovely Valentine's Day.

  2. Happy belated anniversary, Betsy. Those are the best kinds of bouquets. So colorful and so old fashioned. My favorite and just a cute little pink piggy. Be sure to see my next blog later this week, you will love my piggy too..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  3. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, too bad you had colds/dust allergies but you did have them together that is romantic in itself :-). Love the Pink Piggy...

  4. Happy belated anniversary! Your bouquet of flowers are so beautiful! They remind me of summer flower gardens. I love the state of Virgina, too. When hubby was in the service we lived there for six months. Beautiful state!


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