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Thursday, July 5, 2012

wedding - contiunued (2)

Amy and Jeremy wanted a vintage style wedding and they got it.    Homemade paper fans for everyone , table runners were made from burlap.    Canning jars were decorated with tags to write names on to use during the course of dinner.  Easels holding chalkboards to direct parking, rest rooms etc....
Donna (brides mom)  made this chandy from canning jars,  heavy to hang -but it's up there.    As the day grew to dusk, the chandy gave a pleasant warm glow,   very pretty.         

love the blue ones

the menu sign is true to its words -  GOOD EATS

I am getting hungry now
next to the grape lemonade and regular lemonade is an easel,  Donna made these , this one states the type of drinks in the Urns
I made a few coconut cakes

cookies and watermelon

wedding tiers for the bride and groom -
Steve enjoying the event -  the environment was peaceful and natural which made for a relaxed evening wedding.  

Ha , Made ya look Mom -     Mama looking pretty - Amy's grandma ,  Aunt Lynn beside her.

Mommy holding our granddaughter Adalyn,  check out the raised brow.    Shes a sweetie!
My son - Derek,  who is Adalyn's dad

Before the wedding we had appetizers and refreshments

You can see the breeze was getting a little stronger right before the ceremony,   the vases were sprayed wine bottles and various other glass cylinders  by brides mother.
getting pics before the event
Amy holding on to her veil for pics, so nice to have a breeze.   The veil is one the brides mom wore on  her wedding day.

Amy's dad and brother made the arbor you see in background
an antique cloth was hanging as an added backdrop
mom also made the bouquets

dad and Amy --- Amy is so pretty.

 Second cousins to the bride  - Kendall (above) and Krissy (below pic) who are sisters , carried the flag in the ceremony and wore their shiny red shoes ,  there is a reason for the red,  will tell ya later though.

Cherry coke bar,   the ice and cokes were set out later,  this was taken during set up
all of Amy's flowers except for a very few were picked and brought to venue early Sunday morning.  The beautiful container of the ones above were brought by Amy's Aunt Lynn,  who stopped on the way to the wedding and picked by the country roadside,  can't buy flowers any prettier than ones like these that are full of color and being native to the  area  is even better.. 
  I brought some hydrangeas and other flowers from my garden.    I love the arrangement above, not sure who made it.
I have a few more pictures to post tomorrow too.       click  --  here is part three
till then - Betsy.


  1. Needs to be mentioned that all hydrangeas were picked fresh from Betsy's yard and brought to the venue in the early a.m. Amy visited her aunt (Betsy) a few days before the wedding and noticed Betsy had a blue vintage mason jar with Hydrangeas in it and she made the comment---the reception tables would be beautiful set up that way---so they were--and they were absolutely beautiful! The color was amazing. Added so much to the tables.!

  2. All the Hydrangeas were picked fresh that a.m. and brought to the venue by Amy's aunt Betsy. Amy had noticed at Betsy's house a few days before the wedding that Betsy had blue vintage mason jars with Hydrangeas in them--she made the comment that they would be so beautiful on the reception table---so we made that wish come true. The colors were absolutely beautiful.


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