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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Natural Bridge tour with Seth

Grandson Seth is visiting with us for two weeks.   We took him to Natural Bridge Va to  see the bridge.  20 stories of solid rock,  really amazing.    The wax museum we took in also.  Natural  bridge was formed by a cavern collapse which left the span we see here today.
Natural Bridge surveyed by George Washington in 1750 - his initials are carved on the wall of the bridge.
Thomas Jefferson purchased  157 acres including bridge in 1774 from King George 111 for 20 shillings. Still remains privately owned. 
It is designated a national historic landmark.  

Seth took this photo of us at the entrance to Bridge as we were getting ready for his picture.

the tree dwarfs Seth

Seth and Opa taking in the beauty of the  Natural Bridge

What a beauty

Georges initials
the wall of rock looks purple

nice comfortable area for our iced coffee and Seth's soda and snack

such a pretty walk,   even though the day was hot,  these shady areas with breeze was comfortable
monacan villiage

yes, the little darling had to see how the fence was constructed and pulled one out.
we asked him to move before the whole thing fell

If you click on picture, the sparkle in his eyes can be seen.  Such a darling.
more pics of the rest tomorrow


  1. Thanks for sharing the tour of this very interesting place.The natural bridge is amazing and your photos of it are lovely.
    I look forward to seeing the rest of the tour.

  2. Hi mom.
    I love the pictures. The one that seth took of you and steve is really good. Looks like he was making you two get close. But yall only wanted to be an arms length . And i am not surprised that seth had to touch the fence, i am glad that it did not fall down.That is my boy. If it was me and i pulled one out the whole thing would have fallen.


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