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Thursday, June 23, 2011

few more pics at Natural Bridge

Some info about the Monacan village in Natural Bridge

The making of another wigwam made of poplar bark
The guide told us that he soaked it in the water there and then weighted it down to dry flat

inside the wigwam made of cattails

A birdhouse we passed on the trail

Natural Bridge Hotel  across the street from wax museum
this was so interesting
Up the steps to Museum and the figure swinging above our heads
Seth thought that the man and boy in scene above were real at first
They are wax figures along with the rest
He enjoyed this so much
We watched the story of the last supper and these are all life size figures in wax
Presidents Clinton and Bush (the elder)
Sam Houston
Laurel and Hardy
My camera did not capture too well inside the museum
I think I will have to think about getting a new one with more features
These figures are so life like
You almost feel like they could speak
nice landscaping outside
farmland as we are heading home
a tunnel that cuts through a mountain

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