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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Too hot to be outside today

I did get some weeding done early.   I came in - got cool and had another cinnamon bun I made this morning.
Monet got me in the mood for something sweet early.  The local library had some books on sale for 50cents and I bought a few as usual they were cook books.
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For the buns I used about 3 cups self rising flour.  I put about a cup of water and milk in dish to warm to dissolve yeast in.  I added sugar to mixture also.  I never write my recipes down.  I always say I will and I know I should because I never make it the same way next time.   I did put a dash of salt in the flour with some extra sugar.  I threw a little ginger powder in there too along with the raisins. 
I never put too much flour and this doh was a little moist.  It rose and then I punched it down on a lightly floured surface and rolled with my marble rolling pin as I prefer that to the wood.  It doesn't stick like the wood. 
I mixed milk, butter and confectioners sugar kinda thick and spread on warm buns, it sunk into the soft bun and it's so good.    The yeast and self rising flour worked out really well together.

lots of cinnamon sugar and butter in between
For dinner tonight we will have cold cuts so I decided to make buns for them also.  
they are soft and have poppy seeds on top

The recipe above is what I will make tomorrow,  I cut it out of  a nice lil paper called the country register.
Its free and I found it at one of the local stores here.
I have made this before and it is goooooooooood
Well off to the - GYM

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  1. Your cinnamon rolls look like they turned out perfect. Poppy seeded rolls are my favorite. I can never get enough of poppy seeds.


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