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Sunday, February 5, 2017


Today is Steve and my anniversary.
I love silver and always pick up a silver bowl or tray I see at thrift stores.   I like to put candy in them and sit on the side table or anywhere really.  They brighten up a spot and I like it when silver even turns a dark blue color from not cleaning.   I think the patina is so pretty.

Steve surprised me with a vintage tea and coffee set,  like I said I am always admiring them in the antique shops.

A sweet card to throw me off, and it didn't work.

See,  it brightens an other wise blah and not so bright area. I know the grand girls will want to have tea now.  I will serve them some green tea with little tea cakes.
Thank you Steve,  I love my vintage set VERY MUCH!!

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  1. That is so beautiful mom. Steve picked out one gorgeous coffee set and tray. Hope you and Steve had a wonderful anniversary.

    Love annette

    1. Thank you sweetie pie and hope to see you soon - love mom

  2. Oh, Betsy, that is so pretty. What a sweet gift from your wonderful hubby. Happy Anniversary to you both and thanks, so much, for your visit..Happy Sunday..Judy

  3. Happy anniversary and that's a beautiful gift!

  4. Oh Betsy, Happy Anniversary! What a great gift too!

  5. Such a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Happy anniversary, wishing you both many more happy years together.

  6. What a lovely set! I'm always attracted to beautiful tea/coffee sets with sensuous curves. I'm sure you will enjoy this gift for many more anniversaries.

    Sandra @ Dinner at Eight

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