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Thursday, January 7, 2016

love this store

About 8 miles away but it's where I go often.
Loved this store in Germany,  quiet, clean, reasonable and fine personel who work here.   Love it here at Christmas - got my stollen , yummmm.   Chocolate Santas made in Germany,  products I looked for.  

You can use a basket for a quarter and your quarter is returned when you return the basket.

Bring your own bags or buy them there for very little and bag yourself - hey it keeps cost down.


  1. there's one somewhere in roanoke, i've never been though, guess i should visit sometime!

  2. ok, i have to ask ... why do you love this store? my hubby would agree with you there. we heard it is very similar to Trader Joes. they dudes are friends or something like that. i guess to me what i dislike is their inventory is never the same, you can't depend on something being there, like if you fall in love with a chip, or a cookie or even a pizza it might not be there next time. would love to hear your thoughts. have a great weekend!! ( :

  3. My favorite store too Betsy! My daughter and I went shopping there today after church. I saw that their Stollen's were marked down. I have not tried one before though.
    Happy Sunday to you!


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