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Monday, March 27, 2017

Yard plants

A rainy night I see this morning.  Sun is peeking through now and that's a good thing because we are off to visit Mom and then come back to get back to some much needed chores.
A few plant pictures.  Purchased these from Lavender Farms in Glen Allen on Saturday.

Gotta get these in the dirt soon.
Russian Kale I've not grown before and I will just put these in two containers.

still not found a place for Pee Gee hydrangea,  heard now after I purchased it that many professional gardeners do not like it.   I think I will love it.

In the distance in a much need tending to area is the table and chairs Steve purchased at the "At Home " store.

Can't believe the abused Lavender has decided to live in that pot after freezing all winter.

White Lilac needs to be moved - dread doing that and the Forsythia in the distance is fading.  Still a sunshine sight on a rainy morning.

Happy Sunshine Monday to all


  1. Looks like Spring is coming to your area!!! I did a similar post this morning showing some of the flowers blooming in our yard now... I think I told you that the Forsythias in our area really got damaged by the drought we had last summer/fall. There are a few little blooms on most of the bushes --but they are not pretty like yours this spring... The good news is that they are ALIVE.... The Rhododendrons around here (and in our yard) are either gone or almost gone.. That makes me sad.


  2. It's been a glorious day to spend in the garden, Betsy. We've been cleaning out the last of the leaves in the mulch beds so they will be ready for new mulch next week. I really wish that I could grow lavender, but we are quite shady and it really loves sun. My grandmother's lilacs haven't bloomed for a couple years now. Maybe I need to get rid of them, if I have the heart. ♥

  3. My hydrangea is full of tiny little leaves.. it's very nice to see he plants growing...


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