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Monday, September 22, 2014

Onancock Virginia

In 1608 - John Smith discovered this site now called Onancock , Virginia on the eastern shore of Virginia.
Very nice little town.  A place to launch a boat easily,  nice places to eat and beautiful Victorian homes.

old barn we passed on our way to Onancock

once in the town,  we saw many beautiful old Victorian homes and old farm houses

A simple  large homemade wreath on the front of this house -  I like that a lot

Fancy scroll work or gingerbread trim,  I guess that is what it is called anyway

next stop is lunch a few minutes down the road here in town

All we needed to see is the lit lunch sign in the window

a side view

I like the color red on the frames of  mirrors along the wall with the checked table cloths. 
The reflections in the mirrors,   one that will never tire of because it's ever changing.

old fashioned cabinet like my grandmother used to have with the flour mill on the left that flour is sifted from into a bowl
Steve's  roast beef and hearty
Every thing is prepared here , so good .
my favorite sandwich was corned beef on rye,  sauerkraut, thousand island dressing

Out to walk off  lunch
more old homes

The waterfront and boat launch
Yes,  another place I would love to live
Peaceful and pleasant

across the street from the wharf is this place

entrance -  we got info about the area here and also a great dinner place.

stepping inside

a long staircase

memorabilia on the counter inside

thread drawers from the olden days
back to the middle of town is some shops
theatre in use.  built in 1950, above the door it says "Best people on earth walk through these doors - our customers".
The other door says "If when you pass, you cannot stop .  Smile as you go by".

church in town
Onancock is designated "historic" by the state.
The bayside village founded in 1680 as Fort Scarburgh.


  1. Hi Betsy,

    This sure is a cute town! It looks like a fun place to spend a day (or even two or three). I like the old movie theater and I love the little Episcopal church. Your lunch looks delicious, too. :)

    Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful week!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  2. Ah yes! We've visited there several times and it really has great old houses!

  3. Wonderful shots, looks like a lovely town, unique maybe you just didn't show us, but it doesn't appear to be a skyscraper kind of a place, and I cannot remember when I've had a corned beef on Rye, not big on French menus ;-)...both sandwiches looked divine.

  4. Betsy, you could work for the tourism industry, just seeing all these photos made me want to get in the car and drive! The sandwich looked fantastic, oh, now I'm hungry. Love the way you capture the essence of your adventures, great work.

  5. Hi Betsy. You have taken us to another quaint and beautiful town in your area. I never tire of the great places around you and especially while listening to the theme from Doc Martin. He is a favorite character of ours and we never miss an episode. I would say that you must have gotten your money's worth with that delicious looking lunch. Glad you had a good time .Happy Tuesday..Judy Oh, I almost forgot to publish, I got so caught up in that great music.!!

  6. Thanks for the tour Betsy, looks like a charming place. I adore all the Victorians, it reminds me of my recent post on the Historic Homes Tour that I went on. Come take a look. :) Your food looks delicious in those photos!
    Have a great week,

  7. i love Onanock ... we have traveled there a couple of times. beautiful & such history. ( :
    happy week.


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