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Friday, July 22, 2011

Let me eat cake

Very hot today,  the only thing I went outside for is to hang the laundry.   I must say I dried two loads in less than two hours.   It was so very hot and not fit for man or beast.
Sitting here looking at the plants in the window box along with stuffing my face with my homemade
 apple butter on toast , I decided I would make the spice cake mix in the cupboard.   Need all the sweets for energy on a day like this - NOT! 
I added one 12 ounce can of A&W root beer to the dry mix and threw in a tablespoon of my apple butter too.  Mixed it well and then poured into prepared glass baking dish,  I believe it's an 11 by 13.   Baked according to time indicated on box,  well actually it took a smidgen less in my oven.  
I let it cool.     A softened 8 ounce package of cream cheese , and small container of whipping cream.
I creamed the cheese ,  whipped the cream.   Mixed together with a teaspoon of more of my apple butter and sugar to taste.    Smoothed it on cake and Yummmmm.

Don't have to add the applesauce,  but I had it and wanted too.   This was soooo goood.   No eggs, oil or milk, water.  Just the can of  root beer and my apple butter.
I have mixed a package of pudding and cool whip together and slathered on cake,   It's all tasty.

  Another one I like  is orange crush with yellow  or orange cake mix.    love'm all.


  1. Oh, now you've tempted me again and I'm trying to lose weight! Delicious looking delectables and a recipe I will use since it's easy and yet so very different.

    I hope the hot weather passes soon, this is ridiculous, lol.

  2. Karen try the orange crush with the white cake, that is really good.


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