Beautiful Oak tree in Bath county, Virginia next to the Mineral Springs.

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   A journal of sorts about family, hobbies and travels, mostly day trips Steve and I enjoy taking especially in my State of Virginia.
I love to especially explore and snoop in places off the beaten path. There is always somewhere new that we haven't explored and enjoy doing so. I was born here and have always loved having the choice of being able to take a short drive to the mountains or beach.  


  1. Hello, Betsy - I lived in Chase City long long ago, as did my parents and grandparents. For some reason, I did a search of pictures of houses in CC, and what came up was - a picture of my grandmother's house! The trees are different, but it is well kept and beautiful, as I remember it. Thanks for the journey back in time! Hope you are still posting your travels.

    Sallie Reynolds

  2. Thank You Sallie - We will go back for a visit again. Love the beautiful homes and their gardens.
    That is so neat that your search led you to your Grandmother's home and memories of there. I do enjoy posting my travels and will continue to as long as I can.



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