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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Plants for the yard

Stopped by a local garden center to see what was growing and every plant there I liked.   I picked a few but will be back to get more when I ready a place for them and some will have to be put in some rat wire in the ground to keep voles and moles away.
I've not grown a Hellebore before and understand deer do not eat them so I got one to try.  The little seeds drop off so I will have more next year and that will be a good thing.
A rose color I like and I like the white ones too.  Will have to see how this one works here.

I will mix this one with some yellow petunias

coral bells - I like the little bell shaped flowers and they should start blooming in June.

zinnias - always grow when nothing else will

chocolate mint is coming back again for the forth year - I crush it and put in yellow cake mix.  Not bad for tea either.


A lilac bush that came from a bush of my mothers about 15 years ago.   It has been moved three times, but always springs back.   I think it likes to travel.

If they grow,  should be colorful

gonna try these again and will put these in wire in ground to protect from little critters.

I have grown these before and found the scent to be stronger than others.

Happy Thursday

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  1. Hi Betsy, such pretty flowers. Isn't it fun buying and planting the first flowers of the season?
    Have fun!


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