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Friday, December 9, 2011

Adalyn is here

New grand baby Adalyn is here.  We have 3 grandsons but she is the First grand daughter.   A doll baby.

Lil Adalyn -  about 2 hours old here.  
grand pop and daddy.   Love the side profile here. 


mom,  Adalyn's grandma, and aunts
We are all so blessed


  1. She is a cute little baby girl. She is a sweetheart.

  2. She is a cute little baby girl, such a sweetheart.

  3. What a beautiful baby! Congratulations on sweet Adalyn.

  4. Congratulations Betsy... what a darling child. Grandchildren are such a blessing and in the years ahead they will bring you much joy.

    Wishing you peace, goodwill and happiness at Christmas time and throughout the new year.

    Marion - Wales UK


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