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Monday, March 20, 2017

Strawberry table

 A picture of the berry  table my daughter Annette grows her strawberries in.   I want one like this.     It looks like it's made  for potting plants with the table on each side - but she grows berries in it.
It would be great for me as it would take care of voles and moles tearing up the plants and I could pick them much easier.  She just amends the soil and gets a good little crop out of it.   Will have to try it.  I bet even having a second smaller box on top with berries hanging down on the sides would work too.

Berries greening up - dispite being confused about all the winter weather

Saturday, March 18, 2017


Annette treated me to a fun painting night with Miranda.   She didn't tell me that this was a level 4 class,  so needless to say my painting showed that I wasn't ready for level 4.  We had fun and put our own slant on our piece of artwork.

Getting cell phone cameras ready.   What did we do before cell phones?
Probably a lot more

My sketched drawing before I added my unprofessional touches

Our colors

putting in the background and as you can see I painted over her shoe - but no

annette took out a leg and shoe but painted it back in

Miranda moving right along and managed to not take out any limbs in the process

I didn't get the whole picture - I need to start wearing my glasses.


Glasses next time
I wanna do it again - so much fun

Here is Mom and Annette.  So glad Annette got to see her while in town.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Bakers dozen

Thats how many Quarts of canned sweet potatoes Annette and I canned this evening.  Whew,  some hard peeling.  These things are huge.  She grew these in her garden.

She put in 1 teaspoon salt and two tablespoons of honey to process.   If the weather gets warm enough there should be other things to can in the coming months.
Lots of work but will be so good later on.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Virginia Historical Society

Some neat toys of the past to see at the VHS in Richmond.    We stopped by on Sunday to take a look and will be going back to see more.

In the mood now for doing some retro decorating.  Brings back memories and some fun times.
nice paint by number

loved the thing maker - was very hot, we may have gotten little to close to the heat but never anything serious,  we knew the thing was hot and waited till it cooled down.
Didn't come with two pages of instructions or what could happen if we touched it and that it was hot,  we just knew it.

starting to want this retro look - clean lines

the princess phone

gumby and pokey

I had one similar to this and was more of a problem , never really sewed well for me

I used to love the spanish or mediterranean look

those huge lamps
my kids had these toys and never played with them much, they mostly wanted to be outside in the dirt

these were good learning toys at the time 

my son still has this one the girls can play with in the sand

was fun to see