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Sunday, April 23, 2017

science museum

Another visit to the science museum of va.   The exhibit consisted of plastic throw aways and how it lands on our soil from the water ways etc..  Art was constructed from tossed plastic.

looks like part of a giant whale skeleton

Look close

You see it's discarded waste of plastic bottles constructed that way

Pictures are fuzzy with my cell phone camera and not being still in the process of shooting the picture.   This anemone is mostly plastic water bottles..... Everything in picture is made from discarded plastic

Ocean waves from plastic bottles etc...
closer up you can see it better.

I liked it better when we used to take a thermos and collapsible cups.   I remember seeing smokers extinguish cigarettes in portable ashtrays also.  My dad - I never saw him throw his in the sand.   He was picky about picking up trash and cleaning up after ourselves.   Yep even on the beach.    I guess manners and respect for others have fallen by the wayside?   Too bad.

Oh yes,  Elvis siting

He was here at the Science museum in this spot where the picture was taken.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

soup saturday

Rainy and looks like it's called for all the week ahead.   I hope the snakes won't be looking for higher ground around my house.  Heard to many snake bites happening within the last few days and all copperheads.
Today it's homemade potato soup I made with celery and the green on the tops I chop and put in there also, lots of flavor there.   Ham bits left from Easter ham last Sunday.   Half and half milk, about 3 pounds potatoes, 4 cubes boullion, and butter.  I usually put in onion but didn't have but the red onion and I don't like the way it looks in soup when it's cooked so I left out.
Served a sandwich along with it... Mesquite baked slice chicken by boars head and imported Swiss cheese with lettuce , mayo and pickle with lots of pepper as you can see.

A few azaleas pictures of the giant azalea that must have been here when the house was young, and it was built in 1969.

view from porch sliding door

this the back of it and it has plenty of blooms but not as much sun hits them as it does the front.

peony blooming on the fence along with some petunias I placed in the pot.   The lilac behind the fence has finished it's blooming for this year.

my window upstairs with nasturtiums
 thats about it for now.   now to check the creek to see how high it's risen.
Happy Saturday --- betsy

Thursday, April 20, 2017


Spent Easter with mom at my sisters home.   Beautiful day and pretty azaleas blooming in her yard.   
Mom had a wonderful time and ate a great meal with us.

pulling into drive we are greeted by some fire red azaleas

Fountain was running with the sound of water trickling

Pretty white azaleas in front yard 

Inside on the table in the kitchen were these beautiful Dianthus that Amy and Jeremy brought her mom.

Amy has it under control helping prepare the meal

My macaroni and cheese made with extra sharp chedder cheese


mom enjoying her meal outside

In the distance from the patio are more blooming azaleas 

Quite a few crepe myrtles planted and trimmed

Like this little guy here

Mom ,  Donna and Amy

Me taking a picture of Jeremy taking a picture

Mom with a goody Easter bag of puzzle and books, and candy

Fun was had by all

Before we came to my sister's home,  I dropped by my grand childrens home to drop off some Easter goodies and they had just gotten back from church and dressed so pretty in their Easter dresses.

Genevieve with her smile


pretty little shiny shoes with the floral dress she picked out herself.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

springy fowers

few pictures yesterday of azaleas.  They open up more and more everyday.

First off my pink vase of Lilacs....

when they open - they are so beautiful!

another look at the front door

Moss and metal twirly things only grow in this planter

I like the box and azaleas together

having lunch

a simple wreath this year... just colored plastic eggs glued on styrofoam

Genevieve loves flowers and will pick everyone if I let her.
Here she is with a paper plate with an arrangement of flowers, pine , cement, and what she calls cocoanuts.. they are acorns.
I think she did a good job of arranging on the plate.