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Thursday, February 9, 2017


And it is a sweet thing daughter Annette and her family sent Steve and I..   I had one earlier and will  have one in the morning with coffee too.    These are so fresh and the chocolate they are dipped in is so darn tasty.   It's not a real sweet chocolate, it's just right.
I like the one with the nuts sprinkled on.

probably be all gone tomorrow night.

Thank you - you three, very sweet of you to remember.


  1. Oh Betsy, those looks delicious! I think I would choose the chocolate with the chocolate chips on it as my first choice. :) Hope you had a lovely anniversary.

  2. They really do look delicious, so thoughtful. Wishing you a Happy Anniversary and many more happy years together.

  3. Have had those berries and they are wonderful...Hope you had a lovely anniversary!

  4. Aaaooooo, my mouth is watering! That's a lovely gift, and happy 18th anniversary!

  5. Hi, YUMMMMMMM.... I gained 5 pounds just looking that them.... ha

    I see the Sherrie's Berries ads a lot --but have never tried them.. Looks delicious.

    Happy Anniversary.


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