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Monday, September 18, 2017

Colonial Beach

Annette is here for a visit and since it was such a nice warm day,  we took a drive to Colonial Beach with grand girls on Saturday.  They had a great time sifting the sand and putting their feet in the water.  I can say the water was chilly but sifting for shells or pretty rocks is what they enjoyed doing.

annette - adalyn  - genevieve  with Maryland in distance

So many cloud formations - just beautiful

Steve taking children for a walk on the pier

He told them to wave at us and some others on the pier decided to also.

We drive here quite often and it's close enough to do so.  The
children can play in the sand.  Good clean air with always a breeze.

Genevieve looking ahead  loves to wear my hat.

Miss Adalyn

We took in the colonial beach museum for a donation.  interesting history of the area.
Annette and Adalyn are watching a film about the history here and she is very interested.
There is a room about the watermen and the history of the local oyster war.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

foggy morning

Not far from home is a cornfield and the fog surrounding was just so nice to see this morning early.  Soothing for the eyes and sort of mystical looking.

I found these two swamp hibiscus blooms and surprised they are blooming this late.  

another flower blooming here.  my sweetie.
Her sister is at school.   I waited with her at the bus stop and she will be over later.

Happy Hump Day

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Happy Sunday

Saw my Mom yesterday and had a good game of scrabble.  She won, she usually does.

She had a good lunch and then a game.  Karl and Wanda came in before we left and played another game with her.

This is on the wall of the porch where Mom stays.   I like the sentiment and will try to make one for myself.

On the way home I took shots of the beautiful sky through my buggy window that needs a cleaning I see.

Before I left to visit mom I took a picture of the morning glories growing on the fence

Not many more days for the roses to bloom - fall is coming fast.

Always has her nose in a flower - girl loves her flowers

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

First day of school

A happy looking little girl with her backpack and lunch bag all ready for school.   Daddy and Mommy took her today.   It's a happy / sad sorta day.   Happy she is happy and sad that she will not be over as often during the day.   Gee,  didn't know it would feel like this.  

Daddy I am told had to walk to the  classroom with her,  because he just wanted to.    
We are so happy for you Adalyn.   We love you and have a wonderful day which I am sure you will.  Off to a good start.

Few pics of Baby Adalyn
Children  do not keep.  Gotta take all the time we can because they grow fast.
baby addy

Now to see what this lil mess is doing.  Genevieve is a sweetheart who won't be far behind her sister starting school .  She will be 4 in October.  
love this picture.

Colonial Beach visit sidewalk art sale

Steve and I drove to Colonial Beach Va. for the sidewalk Art sale on Saturday.  Such a gorgeous day with the prettiest sky and billowy white cloud formations.

The clouds taken from car along the way.

Ever changing here it seems with many improvements.  The free municipal parking lot has been paved and a new mural on building in front of lot.

The old River View inn is being renovated - seen in the distance

  New paint job looks good.
New signs to us anyway about the trolley stop.

from the boardwalk looking to the beach area

New restrooms on beach with a mural

I did like how the tissue box was decorated with shells and carved birds

We purchased several hand made christmas ornaments like the oyster shell santa.

Purchased decorated jars for the bathroom
Unique, decorated nicely and very useful.

Driftwood painted with santa

Very good icees.  These were not sickly sweet and tart.  A bargain on a hot day for just  $1.00.  Of course Steve had to have one - two.

I thought this was the cutest crab pot ornament to add to my collection.

In the distance is Maryland

We want to check into the cruises offered from here

museum we seem to always be to late to see, one day.

oyster shells in front of museum

ducks under dock

This old building has old wavy glass windows and a leaded stained glass.

community garden

some one liked planting zinnias

My heart found in the sand. I am always finding this shape and along with some pieces of sea glass