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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Happy and Hot Sunday

Happy Sunday- Weather channel says it will hit 97 degrees today.
Just came in from watering.   A plant - Stelladora,  a friend gave me last year because she said they stopped blooming - is blooming.   I planted it in the woodland area under the dog wood tree.  Partial shade and it must like it

my gladiola that just bloomed is next to a painting in Steve's office
I do love these plants.

I planted this climbing rose on the side of the house  just to get it in the ground last year.  I didn't know it would do well and now I see it must like it here.

will see if this morning glory will run up this trellis.  The growing planter is shabby looking but one more year won't be any worse for wear.

reflection in sunporch jalousie of potted lavender


  1. Betsy,
    Hello!! Lovely blooms here today!! Thanks so much for dropping by!!


  2. Many lovely blooms, Betsy! I have to get my morning glories in the ground, too, they are all twined around each other. Love the reflection in the window, too!


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