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Saturday, June 27, 2015

various flowers and plants

Volunteer petunias that came back this year .  I pulled them up from the beds and planted in this pot on the garden gate.  Highly fragrant.

Large leaf begonia ( I am guessing it is a begonia)  growing along the side of my house

Roses seem a little puny this year.

A metal butterfly Steve purchased.

Been told this is purple basil.   It reseeds itself every year and grows where ever the wind takes the seed.    I need to take it to a nursery and see if some one knows the name of this one.

Purple pets in  a pot with a moon flower vine.

shrubs need a haircut.

Happy Saturday


  1. Hi Betsy,
    Everything is looking so green and colorful! I like the dragonfly, cute!

  2. Hi Betsy. I grew up at the beach and don't really like it (I guess I am weird) but I am kind of missing it during these hot days and that is a beautiful shot.. I believe that is purple basil and those sure look like begonia leaves to me. My roses aren't doing too well this summer either..Happy Weekend..Judy


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