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Monday, March 3, 2014

Browsing Sunday

Wow - with a temperature in the 70's here today, I felt like getting out and getting the yard ready for planting flowers,  that thought was dead when I heard that there is to be snow showers tomorrow all day with a low tomorrow night  of  8 degrees. 
I hope this means that the ticks and bugs will be less this year, last year they were horrible.

My daughter met me to take in  a few vintage shops,  I bought a couple of things like a red bucket to plant some flowers in,  was just fun browsing on a beautiful Sunday.

On the way is this beautiful stone wall in front of someones home, I do like the structure with the weathered wood beside it.   We had to stop for the train here and it was a long one.
I like this bench made from a headboard and footboard.  you can see where the foot board was sliced in half to make both sides or arm rest.
liking these colors

this is something that I wish I could have purchased.   A child's bed with the rail that can be removed when not needed.
sweet spring arrangement

this dresser had a tint of grey which I like better than the bright white.
A really neat idea with the canning jars,  like how they are mounted to the wood

Cross shaped and would work in a room for Easter

I love driftwood

A pretty rustic pine wreath

A nice shade of grey on the rattan chair,  also the toille cushion

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  1. Looks like a fun day of shopping and I love the stone fence!


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