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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Adalyn and Genevieve

Today was actually very nice - around 60 degrees, but tomorrow is supposed to snow about 1 - 3 inches,  so probably will be a half a foot.   It's never what the weather people call for.
Visiting my grandchildrens home today with Adalyn in her car Santa brought her.
Here she is,  driving with no hands.

Her favorite passenger ,  Pepper who doesn't mind the ride, although I think he does get a little nervous with her at the wheel.

Genevieve with her coat on as I was going to walk her outside to feel the sunshine while it lasts.

She was three months old Jan. 18th,    sweet baby

I am always admiring this carved heavy door as I leave.  It was on the house when they bought it so I don't know any history or where it came from.   It is heavy and nicely carved.

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  1. Hi Betsy, Oh, those grandbabies are adorable! Such cute little ones. Driving no handed already and with the dog as a passenger. The weather looks so nice and warm. The door is really amazing, I wonder what the history is behind it? Always a treat to visit you!


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