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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Under blue skies

Pretty blue sky with lots of puffy clouds.

I love brown eyed Susan's      These come back year after year.

purchased the seeds for this plant at Jeffersons Monticello _ prickly poppy

Lavender will have another wave of blooms after this one.

a volunteer sunflower from seed left last season

Provence Lavender is growing rapidly

she wants to pull one 
I could just squeeze her ,  she is so sweet. 


  1. A fine series of pictures of this year's flowers. I like having the youngster enjoying the growing plants.

  2. Betsy, what an interesting flower, the prickly poppy. I haven't seen one of those. I especially love that sweetest little flower in your garden. I would stand in line to squeeze her..Happy Monday..Judy


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