Blog Photo ..Pohlig Brothers box factory where my Grandmother worked ages ago. Today the building has been turned into apartments. Richmond Va.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My wish came true

I have been wishing for snow.   We woke this morning to thunder , looked out and saw the wind blowing in all directions with large flakes falling.   I got some pictures of course.

overlooking the little creek

It's starting to ease up now.


  1. Okay you must have wished for snow - love the sound of blowing wind!

  2. Beautiful pictures of snowy winter land! Enjoy. I'm so glad we have sunshine in SC today!

  3. Hi Betsy,
    Sounds just like what I heard here in mid Missouri a couple of weeks ago. I love your sound effects to go along with the photos. Enjoy your snow! (with Addy too) Gina

  4. Oh how beautiful! Thanks for sharing, I love snow!


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