First Snow in January 2018

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

A few flowers

Am having a hard time with blogger posting pictures.   First time this has happened.
Will try now for the third time.
I took these photos of my Hydrangeas that are loaded with blooms this year,  I am guessing they loved all of the rain we had.
 Many colors and hues on this one shrub

 The Provence lavender is growing like crazy too.  Blooms all summer here
wish I knew what this plant was called.    I planted and watered the seed carpet and this is one of the flowers that came up.

 my roses are not very healthy looking as I have not been tending them as I should
 I love this plant,   looks like a bouquet because I have it contained in  a tomato cage

 I believe this one is called a carpet flower
arrangement at the top of stairs.
Thats all until next time.