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Friday, November 4, 2011


My b'day was the 20th of Oct.   My  friend Jennifer sent me a cake.  I am watching my diet and need to cut out sweets , because I want to make room to eat more when  the extra weight is gone.  I always set goals like this so I will follow a diet.

Not a calorie to worry about here, smells so good, cinnamon and spice .  Love it.
sides dripping with brown sugar glaze

There is only 4 candles burning,  the age I wish I was again

I will have this again next year.    Did you know it was a large candle?


  1. Oh, to have that cake AND eat it, too! Happy belated birthday, and what a wonderful friend to send you a nice cake.

    Diet? Oh, I hear you....and then I go and have some ice cream. I know, I'm naughty.

  2. Hi,
    That cake sure did look real. I can't do candles, though, because I have problems breathing around candles, and other scented things.

    It sounds like you had a nice birthday.


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