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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Maryland trip , a crafty store and sunset over Solomans Island

Nice little over night stay in Maryland.   Saw some  Amish farms.  Lots of farmland and horses.   Good to get away and not think about anything but what we are doing at the moment.    I could have stayed on the road and traveled forever,  of course I wasn't the one driving.  I am sure Steve thinks different.
I have many pictures of barns and I will add this one to the collection

The Apple Basket, I hope to visit at Christmas.  I was told there are decorated Christmas trees everywhere in the house.      They are on facebook also
wreath on the door of the w.c.

I didn't get the whole picture here
It is an old purse holding the items shown

They had plenty of these,   I really like them

An old picture for sale,   I just couldnt' get over the flower spray she is holding

Buggy for sale in front yard
Steve bought a raven,   I will post his picture tomorrow,  I will have to set him on my mantle with some other decorations. 
 Lastly a beautiful ending of the sunset over Solomans Island in Maryland

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