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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring Flowers

Some of these are taken from a few days ago. The azaleas didn't put on their show like they did last year. I guess plants can get burnt out  and need a rest.  My peonies are blooming.   separated them last year and wish I hadn't now, because they are not as full and pretty.   Hopefully next year there will be more blooms.
Granddaddy's beard has perfumed the backyard, sure wish they lasted longer.
Before yard pics,  I have to post these beautiful roses my husband gave me a day ago.   They are a pinkish salmon color, so beautiful.

Granddaddy's beard
View from my dining room window of dogwood trees
I like how it looks after a rain shower
every thing seems so much greener

my favorite pinks

A show stopper,  magnificent large blooms
I see this first thing in the morning from my porch
Peonies and mock orange which is also very fragrant


  1. I love pics 5 & 7, they are my fav =] I hope to have a house someday where I can plant different flowers and trees and watch them bloom. For now I will stick to my apartment where I can only plant flowers in pots =/. Hope you're having a great week!

  2. Fantastic flowers. You have some serious skills here, Lady. Gorgeous. Keri


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