Blog Photo ..Pohlig Brothers box factory where my Grandmother worked ages ago. Today the building has been turned into apartments. Richmond Va.

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Not a creature was stirring - didn't last long though

Here are some pictures of night before and day of Christmas pictures.   I stayed up until 3 in the morning getting last minute things done and then early to rise in the morning. 
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this lil birds nest is made from horse hair, a friend I used to work with gave it to me from her farm.

Christmas Morning

Sister Lynn and Niece Amy

My dodo bird, Lynn gave it to me several Christmas's ago


  1. Love the pictures. Your house is beautiful!

  2. Hello Betsy! Thanks for your visit! You CHristmas photos are so nice! Happy to see you had a nice time!
    Wish you all the best for the new year!


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