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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Sunday

Nice rainy cold day,  I am off to Barnes and Noble and Pier One which is next door.
Good day to finish up some shopping.  I am more last minute getting things done this year. Just don't feel the rush.  I am enjoying it more,  especially today since the rain makes me slower than ever.   Had a little ice come down earlier, but now just rain.
My grandson seth will be coming to visit for Christmas this year,  this is the second year I have seen him at Christmas - he is nine.  I saw he and his mom this past summer when we went different places,  but it is nice to have a christmas with him,  I am hoping he will be visiting this summer and maybe take some time for the beach.
 Seth has a Great grandmother ( who is my mom), and will be so nice to have everyone together.
I finally finished this tree with silver tinsel and swapped out the poinsettias for ribbon.  I think it looks better

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