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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More stuff

"Through the Garden Gate" ,  has some nice stuff and the Christmas decorations  put me in the mood for decorating at my home .  
  My collection of dishes is growing,  will have to part with some to make room for more.   I can never have enough glasses or sets of dishes. the ones I found look like diner dishes  ( I guess one could call them that).  I like the coffee cups, as they keep the coffee hot longer.   $20.00 for them.    Hey made in U.S.A.,  don't see much of that anymore.  

I found this little doll chair,  I may re-cover it, although a cleaning will suffice, it's in very good shape.   I thought it would be cute with a victorian doll sitting in it under the tree along with my other dolls.  It cost $6.00.
Never know what I may find  that I didn't know I needed.   Need is probably not the right word,  I just really want it.

When I got home,  I discovered I had to have  fudge - Fudge is one of my favorites, and this is the only time of year I make it.   The recipe is as follows, it is simple and very good.
I will probably have one piece and take the rest to my mom's house.  Sharing is good for me and my waist.

 will cut it later when it is cool. 

I didn't purchase this,  it's a paint by number I recently finished.  Maybe I will take a class and do one on my own. 


  1. Betsy you have been very busy, the fudge looks delicious, aren't you a thrifty shopper, I love the idea for the chair under the tree.

    You should try and paint on your own, those are beautiful sun flowers... try copying them to start's a good way to learn, I think you have some talent woman.

  2. Thanks Lee,
    Good idea, I will try copying them and see what happens,
    You're sweet and I thank you for the nice compliments. This means so much coming from someone whose talent I respect.
    God Bless,



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